2015 Golden State Warriors Parade Live TV, Online Coverage

The Golden State Warriors parade live TV and online coverage is scheduled for this Friday morning and fans are expected to show up by the thousands to cheer on the first NBA title for the Warriors in 40 years! Golden State was the best team in the NBA in 2014, and they capped the year off by defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 4 games to 2 in the 2015 NBA Finals. Now it is time to celebrate!

The City of Oakland will be a buzz  all day long and well into the night as the parade and rally to honor the newly crowned NBA Champs kicks-off at 10:00 a.m. local time. While every player on the Warriors squad currently has rock star status in the city of Oakland, it may be NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala who demands a lot of the attention today.

Iguodala was not on many sports books lists for MVP favorites, however after he  averaged 16.3 points, 4 assists and 5.8 rebounds in the NBA Finals series it was a simple choice, In the deciding Game 6, he scored 25 points,  5 rebounds and added 5 assists hile clearly showing up as the best player on the Warriors squad.

If you want to catch all of the parade but can’t be there first hand, you can watch it right here online! The action will be shown locally on CBS and also carried live online through CBSSF.com. So if you are a Golden State fan who happens to live no where near California don’t worry – you can watch all the action online!

While the Warriors are the new champs, they are not the favorites to win next seasons crown. Yes, that would be the Cleveland Cavaliers holding that position. Below is a glance at the 2016 NBA title odds.

Cavs — 9-4
Warriors — 5-1
Thunder — 5-1
Clippers –10-1
Spurs — 12-1
Bulls — 12-1
Hawks — 20-1
Pelicans — 20-1
Rockets — 20-1
Wizards — 30-1
Pacers — 30-1
Grizz — 30-1
Raptors — 30-1
Blazers — 40-1
Mavs — 40-1
Heat — 30-1
Celtics – 80-1
Bucks — 80-1
Pistons — 80-1
Jazz — 80-1
Suns — 80-1
Lakers — 80-1
Nuggets — 80-1
Knicks — 80-1
Nets — 100-1
Kings — 100-1
76ers — 200-1
Magic — 200-1
Wolves — 200-1
Hornets — 200-1