2016 Super Tuesday Live TV, Online Coverage & Nominee Odds

The 2016 Super Tuesday live TV and online coverage arrives on March 1. Now while we are all about sports here at Sports Odds Daily, we are also all about many current and world events – especially when odds are involved! This year’s election has taken on a life of its own that American politics have never seen the likes of before. Donald Trump has changed the GOP party like never before, and now the biggest underdog on the Vegas odds board is trying to pull off the biggest upset in political history.

Super Tuesday can be kind of confusing in many ways, but the bottom line is each candidate will try to collect as many delegates  as possible. Each state has its own set amount of delegates to compete for and the values of delegates varies from state to state. With 13 total states participating in the Super Tuesday,  each and every vote matters. The states heading to the polls Tuesday afternoon include  Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and Wyoming.

The Republican primary delegates look this way. Texas has the most delegates up for grabs at 155. Georgia has 76 delegates, while Tennessee totals 58. While the remaining states have less delegates, they are all just as important for every nominee to earn a possible victory on Super Tuesday.  The remaining states look this way: Alabama (50) Alaska (28), Arkansas (40), Massachusetts (42), Minnesota (38), Oklahoma (43) Virginia (49) and Vermont (15).

Odds makers believe that Super Tuesday will see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton extend their leads over the rest of the field. If that happens we could be looking at a Trump vs. Clinton battle for the Presidency. FOX News, FOX Business, CNN and CBS are just some of the news outlets that will be updating the poll voting all day on March 1. Starting at 6 p.m. ET, results will start to become finalized, however it may take hours to know which nominees won what states.