Cleveland Cavs 2016 Parade Live TV & Online Coverage; 2017 NBA Odds

The Cleveland Cavaliers are champions of the NBA! In an incredible comeback, the Cavs shocked the Golden State Warriors in Game 7  93-89, completing a historical run. The Cavs were the first team in NBA history to win the championship after trailing in the series 3-1. Now the fans of Cleveland are ready to party like it is 1964 as they prepare for a parade that may just be as historical as the Cavs championship. With hundreds of thousands of fans expected to line the streets of Cleveland, this party may last for a full week.

The live TV and online coverage for the Cavs victory celebration may be one of the most attended and watched parades in recent memory. If you aren’t one of the millions of fans expected to be along the parade route this afternoon, don’t worry – you have plenty of ways t watch the action live.  Locally in Cleveland and around the state of Ohio, affiliates WJW Channel 8, WOIO Channel 19, WKYC Channel 3, and WEWS Channel 5 will be carrying the festivities live. However, if you are on the go or stuck behind a desk somewhere but still want to see the parade, you do have options. and FOX Sports will have a live feed of all the activities from start to finish. You can also download the FOX Sports Go app so you won’t miss a second on your tablet or phone device. Congats to the Cleveland Cavaliers on this year’s championship win.

Below is a glance at next year’s title odds. If Vegas odds makers are correct, we may see a third straight championship of Golden State vs Cleveland.

2017 NBA Title Odds

Golden State Warriors 3-2
Cleveland Cavaliers 5-2
San Antonio Spurs 6-1
Oklahoma City Thunder 8-1
Los Angeles Clippers 16-1
Boston Celtics 20-1
Miami Heat 25-1
Toronto Raptors 25-1
Atlanta Hawks 40-1
Chicago Bulls 40-1
Minnesota Timberwolves 60-1
Portland Trail Blazers 60-1
Houston Rockets 60-1
New Orleans Pelicans 60-1
Memphis Grizzlies 80-1
Utah Jazz 80-1
Philadelphia 76ers 100-1
Charlotte Hornets 80-1
Los Angeles Lakers 100-1
Indiana Pacers 100-1
Detroit Pistons 100-1
Dallas Mavericks 100-1
Washington Wizards 100-1
Milwaukee Bucks 100-1
New York Knicks 100-1
Sacramento Kings 100-1
Orlando Magic 100-1
Denver Nuggets 100-1
Phoenix Suns 300-1
Brooklyn Nets 500-1