MLB Draft Live TV, Online Coverage Preview & Draft Order

The MLB Draft Live TV and online coverage for 2015 is set to get underway this evening.  What seemingly goes by unnoticed each season, the MLB draft can literally make or break a team for year’s to come.  Held in the Major League Baseball Networks Studios in Secaucus, New Jersey, this year’s draft has quite a few players that should make a splash in the next season or two. Baseball fans can catch all of the selections live thanks to the MLB Network and starting at 7 p.m. ET.

Unlike the NFL or NBA, the MLB draft has a lot more rounds and can become quite tedious at times. However, striking a diamond in the rough is much more common in baseball than any other sport.

Projected to be selected No. 1 overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks is Vanderbilt shortstop Dansby Swanson. Swanson has impressed several teams with outstanding play and could very well become the D-backs shortstop of the future – that is if he is selected No. 1 overall this Monday night.

While we never know who could be the next “make-it or break-it” player, many experts believe that this seasons draft could be as good as the 2010 draft. Several great players were selected back in 2010 – including Chris Sale, Andrelton Simmons, Matt Harvey, Manny Machado and of course the new Mr. Baseball himself, Bryce Harper.

The talent pool may not be quite that deep this season, however you can never sell the draft short. Today’s unheard players become tomorrow’s All-Stars. Bryce Harper came out with a lot of hype and expectations when the Nationals selected him third overall back in ’10. So far he has lived up to it. Chris Sale was a great player, but 5 seasons after being drafted from Florida Gulf University he has the potential to be one of the best.

Below is a glance at the 1st round draft order, including all compensation picks. Remember gamblers, today’s picks will affect tomorrow’s odds!

1. Arizona Diamondbacks

2. Houston Astros (for not signing 2014 pick Brady Aiken)

3. Colorado Rockies

4. Texas Rangers

5. Houston Astros

6. Minnesota Twins

7. Boston Red Sox

8. Chicago White Sox

9. Chicago Cubs

10. Philadelphia Phillies

11. Cincinnati Reds

12. Miami Marlins

13. Tampa Bay Rays

14. Atlanta Braves

15. Milwaukee Brewers

16. New York Yankees

17. Cleveland Indians

18. San Francisco Giants

19. Pittsburgh Pirates

20. Oakland Athletics

21. Kansas City Royals

22. Detroit Tigers

23. St. Louis Cardinals

24. Los Angeles Dodgers

25. Baltimore Orioles

26. Los Angeles Angels

Compensation picks

27. Colorado Rockies (for losing Michael Cuddyer)

28. Atlanta Braves (for losing Ervin Santana)

29. Toronto Blue Jays (for losing Melky Cabrera)

30. New York Yankees (for losing David Robertson)

31. San Francisco Giants (for losing Pablo Sandoval)

32. Pittsburgh Pirates (for losing Russell Martin)

33. Kansas City Royals (for losing James Shields)

34. Detroit Tigers (for losing Max Scherzer)

35. Los Angeles Dodgers (for losing Hanley Ramirez)

36. Baltimore Orioles (for losing Nelson Cruz)