MLB Playoffs 2016: Live TV, Online Schedule, Printable Bracket and World Series Odds

The 2016 MLB playoff live TV and online schedule is finally set to go! It took all 162 games, but we finally know what teams will be facing off in the postseason as the run towards the Fall Classic begins. Like years past, every game will be aired on either ESPN, TBS, MLB Network or various FOX networks nationally. Also, every game will be aired on the radio through ESPN radio.

The full schedule has been released, however, the start times for the Divisional rounds and beyond won’t be determined until late Wednesday – due to the fact that it will all depend on who wins the Wild Card round games.

The only thing we know for sure as of Monday morning (Oct 3) is the AL Wild Card winner will head to Texas, while the NL Wild Card winner (Giants or Mets) will travel to Chicago to face the Cubs.

Florida Marlins catcher John Baker waits as Boston Red Sox' David Ortiz follows through on a solo homer during the fourth inning of their baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston Tuesday, June 16, 2009. (AP Photo Credit/Elise Amendola)

Big Papi and the Red Sox are ready for the postseason. (AP Photo Credit/Elise Amendola)

The Cubs are this year’s “World Series or bust” team.

Chicago came into the 2016 season as the overwhelming favorite according to most Las Vegas sports books. That hasn’t changed one bit now that the World Series odds for each postseason team have been released.

The Cubs are +250, or 2-1/2 to 1 win the title. Those are actually decent odds for a team that has been given the trophy by the media and public before the season even started. Behind the Cubs are the Rangers at +500 or 5/1, followed by a three way tie between the Nationals, Red Sox and Dodgers at +600, or 6/1.

If you like long shots, you may want to throw a few bucks down on the Giants, Blue Jays, Orioles or Mets. To have these teams at +2000, +1600 and  +1200 seems to be a bit on the high side. It’s only a ten team race, so it is a bit shocking to see the odds at such a tempting price.

Fans can click here for your own MLB 2016 playoff printable bracket.


AL Wild Card

Tue, Oct. 4  — AL Wild Card Game: Baltimore at Toronto —  TBS —  8 pm ET

NL Wild Card

Wed, Oct. 5 — NL Wild Card Game: San Francisco at N.Y. Mets  — ESPN

ALDS — AL Wild Card Winner vs. Texas

  • Thu, Oct. 6 —  AL Wild Card Winner at Texas — TBS
  • Fri, Oct. 7 — AL Wild Card Winner at Texas — TBS
  • Sun, Oct. 9 — Texas at AL Wild Card Winner — TBS
  • Mon, Oct. 10* —  Texas at AL Wild Card Winner  — TBS
  • Wed, Oct. 12* — AL Wild Card Winner at Texas — TBS


  • Thur, Oct. 6 —  Boston at Cleveland — TBS
  • Fri, Oct. 7 —  Boston at Cleveland — TBS
  • Sun, Oct. 9 —   Cleveland at Boston — TBS
  • Mon, Oct. 10 — Cleveland at Boston — TBS
  • Wed, Oct. 12* —  Boston at Cleveland — TBS

NLDS — NL Wild Card Winner vs. Chicago Cubs

  • Fri, Oct. 7 — NL Wild Card at Chicago Cubs — FS1/MLBN
  • Sat, Oct. 8 —  NL Wild Card at Chicago Cubs — FS1/MLBN
  • Mon, Oct. 10 —  Chicago Cubs at NL Wild Card — FS1/MLBN
  • Tue, Oct. 11* —  Chicago Cubs at NL Wild Card  — FS1
  • Thu, Oct. 13* —  NL Wild Card at Chicago Cubs  — FS1/MLBN


  • Fri, Oct. 7 —  L.A. Dodgers at Washington — FS1/MLBN
  • Sat, Oct. 8  — L.A. Dodgers at Washington — FS1/MLBN
  • Mon, Oct. 10 —  Washington at L.A. Dodgers — FS1/MLBN
  • Tue, Oct. 11* — Washington at L.A. Dodgers — FS1
  • Thu, Oct. 13* —  L.A. Dodgers at Washington — FS1

World Series Odds

  • Chicago Cubs  +225
  • Texas Rangers   +500
  • Washington Nationals  +600
  • Boston Red Sox +600
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +600
  • Cleveland Indians  +800
  • Toronto Blue Jays   +1200
  • San Francisco Giants +2000
  • Baltimore Orioles  +2000
  • New York Mets +1600