NBA Playoffs 2017: Updated NBA Championship Odds

James Harden of the Houston Rockets
Image By João Víctor Bomfim da Silva - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.
Round two of the 2017 NBA playoffs is underway, and so far things have been pretty much status quo as NBA and Las Vegas experts predicted. The only upset in the first round – if you can even really call it an upset, was the Utah Jazz taking out the LA Clippers in their best-of-seven series. Aside from that, the higher-ranked seed won every series in both the Eastern and Western conferences.

While Round 2 is sure to be more tense than the first round, Las Vegas experts are really only leaning towards three teams to possibly win this year’s NBA Championship.

The top two of course being the defending Champion Cleveland Cavaliers and last year’s runner-up the Golden State Warriors.

But one team in the West has seen their stock rise tremendously over the last 10 days, and if you got in early on the prop bet when the playoffs started you could cash in a real nice ticket if this team happens to win the 2017 NBA title. We are referring to the Houston Rockets.

Houston looked strong in Game 1 of Round 2 vs. the Spurs as they thrashed San Antonio 126-99.

The Rockets are scary good, and they won’t be intimidated by any of the remaining teams in the postseason. At 15/1, the Rockets look to be worth the risk! The Warriors and Cavaliers are still the heavy favorites, but if any of the other teams should sneak up nd win the title, they payout would be outstanding.

Here are your latest odds to win the NBA championship.
Team Odds
Golden State Warriors 2/5
Cleveland Cavaliers 13/4
Boston Celtics 10/1
Houston Rockets 15/1
San Antonio Spurs 20/1
Toronto Raptors 125/1
Washington Wizards 150/1
Utah Jazz 200/1


Team Odds
Cleveland Cavaliers 2/5
Boston Celtics 9/4
Washington Wizards 25/1
Toronto Raptors 30/1


Team Odds
Golden State Warriors 1/7
Houston Rockets 8/1
San Antonio Spurs 9/1
Utah Jazz 100/1